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Urangeline Peace Hall centenary celebration

One of my favourite things to do as an MP is meet small regional and rural towns and villages who have not lost the sense of community.

The Centenary of WWI may be over, but 100 years later, we can reflect on the post-war period, that I think mattered mos; the post-war period of recovery.

It was a time when communities worked to put the pieces back together. An entire generation of young men had been lost and those soldiers who returned were not the same as when they left.

It was a time of transition, grief and revival.

Urangeline was one of those communities that banded together, supporting each other and working to rebuild what had been lost. Together they built the Peace Hall, which celebrated 100 years today.

I was delighted to share in such a momentous occasion and I would like to thank the community for the invitation.