Care advised ahead of second Wagga heatwave

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast severe heatwave conditions again this weekend, with the mercury expected to reach 42 degrees on Friday.

The sweltering heat is set to hit on Wednesday, with temperatures topping 40 degrees.

According to the bureau there will likely be no reprieve until Sunday, with a drop to about 32 degrees.

I want to urge everyone in my electorate to look after themselves, their families, pets and neighbors, as we sweat through the sun’s wrath once more.

Please take note of fire danger warnings in your area, watch out for venomous creatures seeking shade and water and stay hydrated.

Remember: If you only drink when you’re feeling thirsty, that’s too late. Your body is already suffering from dehydration.

CLICK HERE for more information about hot weather risks and staying cool.

When to call triple-0 for emergency assistance:

If you are using a mobile phone, dial 112.

Steff Wills