More on discounts for energy-efficient air conditioners

If you’re looking to install an air conditioner with a high-star rating, you could be eligible for a discount.

While I think the NSW Government initiative has merit, I believe it may have been rolled out prematurely, with individuals and air conditioner technicians across regional and rural areas unaware of its availability.

As such, it was disappointing to learn no technicians were available to install these units across Wagga Wagga; However, after looking into the issue, I can announce there will be two local businesses accredited to install the approved energy-saving units very soon.

I will keep residents updated with details as they become available.


How it works

Picture: From Government Department website.

Picture: From Government Department website.

Once Wagga’s approved installers come online, you can look them up HERE.

You can also compare energy consumption and running costs of various models HERE.

Information for installers

According to the website, installers will be offering the incentive directly to the customer, by deducting the relevant amount from the invoice. After installation, a claim can be made via Air Conditioning Incentives, who will provide you with your rebate.

Installers can apply for government approval HERE.

Steff Wills