Tumut Hospital promise hold-up 'unacceptable'

I have repeatedly and publically requested a timeline be provided to reassure Tumut and surrounding communities of the development process moving forward.

I am calling on the NSW State Government once more to fulfill its promise and to begin the redevelopment work at Tumut Hospital this year and as soon as possible.

Here are the facts:

  • For more than two decades, the Tumut community has pushed for new hospital infrastructure. Click here for more

  • In 2017, the clinical services plan was completed. This is according to Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

  • In June, 2017 funding was announced for business planning to go ahead. This was announced by the former Member for Wagga Wagga. Click here for more

  • In August, 2018 Premier Gladys Berejiklian said work would begin on the $50 million Tumut Hospital redevelopment in 2019. Click here for more

  • During Question Time in Parliament House, Member for Wagga Wagga called on the government to recommit to its promises and to make project timelines publically available. Click here for more

  • In December, 2018 Murrumbidgee Local Health District assured Dr McGirr planning was underway, following a timeline request.  

  • December’s mid-year budget review did not reference Tumut Hospital. Click here for more

  • On Tuesday the Deputy Premier made reference to the long-term delays in Griffith, when speaking on Tumut Hospital plans.

I don’t see why work can’t start in 2019. The Premier said she expects that, I expect that and the community expect that will happen.

Mr Barilaro’s words are like a patronising pat on the head saying, ‘everything will be okay’.

And we now have a problem in Tumut, where there are no birthing services. We know there are difficulties with recruiting medical staff and health professionals; but, that is why new hospital infrastructure is absolutely critical and cannot wait.

Steff Wills