Funding boost the 'first domino' to kick-start renewable energy project at Lockhart

This is a project I have been behind since I took office in September last year and I am very excited calls for financial support have been heard, with $1 million in federal funding secured this month.

While the project will cost an estimated $30 million, this initial boost will kick-start the project, enabling the team to conduct a feasibility study, which will 'get the ball rolling.

Lockhart Shire Council general manager Peter Veneris said the cash injection would be the “first domino to fall”, which would lead to further research, lobbying and hopefully funding down the track.

I would like to congratulate Lockhart Shire Council and everyone involved in driving this project and leading the country in renewable energy alternatives.

The small town’s innovation and determination to get this project off the ground is truly inspiring.

Steff Wills