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Grant funding helps round up a big vision in Tarcutta

Did you know campdrafting was one of the fastest growing sports in the country?

I didn’t either.

Tarcutta Campdraft Club’s David West and fellow committee members share a vision to become a major centre for the sport and other equestrian events.

It’s a goal they have been racing towards for a number of years, with the small town centered perfectly between Melbourne and Sydney.

To help achieve this, I journeyed to the facility and met with club members to announce a Community Building Partnership grant worth $30,000.

Mr West said six clubs currently used the facility, but he was certain this would soon grow, following the competition of its $400,000 project.

He said the club had spent four years improving the recreation ground, adding cattle yards, horse yards and constructing a general hall, canteen and amenities.

“Once we finish this project, it will be available to the wider Riverina community for any occasion,” Mr West said.
”We have been lucky enough to get a grant from Dr Joe … for improvements and landscaping.”

I can see this adding to the region’s treasure-chest, with the addition of a great sporting venue and a modern entertainment facility too.

I look forward to seeing this up and running in the future and want to say a big congratulations to David West and the team.