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Visit and tour of Charles Sturt University

The Wagga Wagga campus is an absolutely key part of the future growth of our region.

Today, I met with Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor John Germov at Charles Sturt University, along with Grahame Centre acting director Marta Hernandez-Jover, Facilities Management director Mr Stephen Butt, Agripark chief strategy officer Dr Matt Cahill, and community relations manager Aaron McDonnell to discuss future plans for the Wagga Wagga campus.

The campus is the largest CSU campus, which hosts an impressive array of facilities, including the National Life Sciences Hub, Veterinary clinic, laboratory and hospital, Phytotron and Rhysolimeter.

It also boasts the Grahame Centre and three of the university’s four research institutes.

The potential for CSU to develop its Agripark into a world class research and business park for agriculture is absolutely critical.