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RFS members awarded for their dedication, commitment and years of community service

It was my honour to represent the Minister for Police and Emergency Services at the Rural Fire Service Lockhart District Long Service Medal presentation tonight.

The awards were a testament to the achievements, dedication and service these 70 members and volunteers have provided across decades.

Five members recognised had been part of the RFS for more than 65 years to their community through the region’s brigades. Kevin Bower was one of these members, who reached a whopping 68 years with the service.

It is heartening to see this level of dedication and community spirit and I commend each and every brigade member I met with tonight.

It is not an easy job. It’s often grueling, dirty, hazardous, time consuming and sometimes frightening. These men and women are running into the disaster that others are running to escape.

That courage is what helps to keep our communities safe.

The job the RFS provides is an important one and one that is appreciated beyond measure.

Thank you and congratulation to all.