Donations welcome following fire at Wagga Public School

I have received a number of queries from residents wanting to help Wagga Public School, after a devastating fire tore through one of its heritage-listed building last week.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their kind offers to donate.

Even though these events are devastating, it is heartwarming to see the community band together with compassion and kindness.

The acting-Director of Education today informed me that any monetary donations could be made directly to the school once term one had commenced.

The Department will be taking care of the rebuild and refurbishing of the infants’ classrooms, but in the interim, I was told tangible items - colouring pencils, paint, paper, aprons, books, readers and other early-childhood education classroom resources - would be most welcome.

Donations (non-financial) can be dropped off at my Wagga office on Baylis Street. These items will then be delivered to the school.

EducationSteff Wills